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Spelling Bee Winners
1st place - Carver Crawford; 2nd place - Ellie Barnett; 3rd place - Anna Pfaff

We had a good week with our celebration of National Catholic School's Week. We had opportunities to celebrate the many people who help us every day and recognize students for their academic achievements. I think the students had fun with their dress-up days, too! KMZU's Kristi Cross interviewed Colin Carlton, Lillian Stover, and Noah Cross about Catholic Schools Week. You can go to the KMZU website and hear the interview. The students did a terrific job and represented us well.

THANK YOU to all who participated and worked the Book Fair. It was a great SUCCESS! We sold a total of $828.24 in book sales. We received over $400.00 in Scholastic Book Credit. Donations received a total of $44.89 and the Guessing Jars earned a total of $34.00. We were able to combine the donations and Guessing Jar money for a total of $78.89 that was used to buy 15 books from the fair to stock our library. Combined with money from previous Book Fairs, we have a total of $1,260.00 Scholastic dollars to spend on new books for the library. The winners of the guessing jars were: Monica Holland - Sour Gummy Worms; Josie Reeter - Chewy Sweettarts; Mrs. Toole and Nathan - Peanut Butter M&Ms; Carson Crawford - Reeses Pieces; Addie Ficken - Chewy Sprees.

Over All Winners
1st place - Maggie Pfaff
2nd Place - Carleigh Crawford
3rd Place - CJ Pfaff
4th Place - Kennedie Kieffer
5th Place - Emily Skoglund
Winners By Grade
8th Grade - Peyton Moritz
7th Grade - Emily Skoglund
6th Grade - Maggie Pfaff
5th Grade - CJ Pfaff

1st Place - Peyton Moritz
2nd Place - CJ Pfaff
3rd Place - Sydney Baxter
4th Place - Lillian Stover

Lunch with our Community Leaders

Parent, Volunteers and Business Buddies Lunch

Mayor Chuck Haney proclaims
this week Catholic Schools Week.

5th & 6th Graders help out at the
House of Prayer for Community Service.

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