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Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week 2016
Students had a special visit from Mayor Chuck Haney to start off the week. Mayor Haney attended the assembly of the students and proclaimed January 31 to February 5 Catholic Schools Week.

We had a busy and fun Catholic Schools Week in 2016! We were proud of all of our students who had roles in the Mass last weekend. Our amazing students are always willing to step up and volunteer to serve God with their talents! Mayor Chuck Haney helped kick off the week with a Proclamation for CSW followed by a Prayer Service. Tuesday we held an all-school Spelling Bee with our 16 classroom winners. Our Spelling Champion in the finals for grades 1-3 was Emily Deshayes and for grades 4-8 was Alexis Anderson!

On Wednesday, we held a Bible Bowl. On Thursday, the highlight was a luncheon celebrating City and County officials, Business Buddies, and volunteers. We had a wonderful turnout! On Friday, we celebrated our staff, students, and parents with different activities. And Monday through Friday, we began each day with a prayer for the special intentions of our parishioners! The Book Fair was a success. Thank you, parents, for buying your child some great books! With approximately $600 credit that we earned, we will be able to buy some new books for our library! 


January 29th - February 5th

This is the 39th time that Catholic Schools Week has been held. The fist year was in 1974. This year, the theme focused on three priorities that Catholic schools establish that make them stand out from other educational institutions. Children are taught faith - not just the basics of Christianity, but how to have a relationship with God. Academics, which in Catholic schools are held to very high standards, help each child reach his or her potential. Service, the giving of one's time and effort to help others, is taught both as an expression of faith and good citizenship.

Mismatch Day
01/30/12 (Monday)
C-T Photo / Drew Van Dyke

Members of Bishop Hogan Memorial School participated in "Mismatch Day" on Monday, Jan. 30. The event marked the beginning of Catholic Schools Week at Bishop Hogan and across the country. Pictured in their oddly-collected, extremely-clashing fashion attire are several students in the Bishop Hogan third and fourth grade class.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful parents, staff, businesses, radio station, newspaper, and parishioners who made Catholic School's Week so special. The theme, "Faith, Academics, and Service," was truly exemplified through the activities performed by the students this week. Beginning with the homily at Mass last Sunday, (Faith), contests (Academics), community service (service), the students showed the value of a Catholic education. The week was filled with fun activities for the students, yet very important learning experiences. Students with faith-based education have learned the value of going out into the world and spreading the word of God by prayer and example. Thank you, parents, for all of your sacrifices in sending your children to Bishop Hogan Memorial School. -- Donna Saccaro, Principal

It has been a great week here at Bishop Hogan; and oh boy, did it go by fast!!! All the activities have been great!

Geography Bee Results... (see photos)

  • 1st - Nate McKiddy 8th grade
  • 2nd - Colin Carlton 6th grade
  • 3rd - Maggie Leatherman 7th grade

3rd Grade: Mason Baxter and Nathan Toole
4th Grade: Josie Reeter and Caroline Whitt
5th Grade: Addie Ficken and Maggie Pfaff
6th Grade: Noah Cross and Colin Carlton
7th: Tanner Lent and Maggie Leatherman
8th: Justice Baker and Nate McKiddy

Science Fair Results... (see photos)

  • 1st Place: Carleigh Crawford
  • 2nd Place: Shayler Keller
  • 3rd Place: Lillian Stover 
  • Tie (4th/5th): Riley Brobst and Nate McKiddy

Determining the Winners...
I do not judge the projects by myself. I enlist at least two other judges to help me determine the winner. This year, I asked our student teacher to aid me in the interviews, and I had another judge help me rate the projects to see if the student followed the scientific method. The quality of the student's work is what matters, not the amount of work. A less sophisticated project that the student understands and does on their own gets higher marks than a more sophisticated one in which the student does not interview well or doesn't show understanding. It is all right if the student proves his or her hypothesis wrong. -- Brian Murrell


Winner and Runner Up!

Evan Deshayes, 2nd grade, was the winner of the Bishop Hogan Spelling Bee Contest held on Tuesday, January 31. Avery Baxter, Kindergarten, was the runner up. Congratulations to them both.


The 5th & 6th grade classes at Bishop Hogan Memorial School performed community service Tuesday, January 31st, at the House of Prayer. They went to help serve the lunch and to help clean up.

Wednesday, February 1st, Bishop Hogan Memorial School hosted a luncheon for the City and County officials. We were very pleased that 14 city and county official were able to attend!
The Bishop Hogan PTO gave the students and staff an ice cream float party
to help celebrate Catholic Schools Week!
During Catholic Schools Week, the students collected food for the local food pantry.
50's - 60's DAY
Bishop Hogan Memorial School students in their 50's and 60's outfits for Catholic Schools Week.
Hannah Haakonstad with her Science Fair Project
"Rising Temperatures"
Carleigh Crawford with her Science Fair Project
"Baby Diaper Secrets"
... and a few other projects.

Winners of the Geography Bee:
1st - Nate McKiddy 8th grade
2nd - Colin Carlton 6th grade
3rd - Maggie Leatherman 7th grade

Judges Panel

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